01. Wish - Final Fantasy XIII
02. Eternal Love - Final Fantasy XIII
03. The Promise - Final Fantasy XIII
04. Passion - Kingdom Hearts Piano Cover
05. Dearly Beloved - Kingdom Hearts X ( Extended )
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I don't think anyone was shaming you, I think they were just saying it was amazing, even for a doodle and you took it the wrong way/ still are. It's fine if you're upset, but it looks very unprofessional and childish on your part. Your art is great, and it's fine that it was a doodle and you know what's a doodle and what isn't, but I think the point of their comment when WAY over your head. I'm very sorry if this upsets you further :c



Yes because the proper thing to do when an anon politely tries to explain something to you WHILE COMPLIMENTING YOU is to be a rude ass. Nice tags, by the way. “#anon can unfollow me rn” “#not even gonna bother with this one”. Yes because god forbid someone try to ask you to calm down when you overreact to something so you don’t make an ass of yourself like you’re doing RIGHT NOW.




its senpi chan!!!


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As requested by x3eloved
Ima answer some questions c:

1. Four words to describe you : ecstatic, curious, nervous, shy 
2. People/places/things that inspire you : Angsty fanfictions, banirakohi, xwafflebunny, roxoah, vaincreux, kingdom heart, ff, animu
3. Any past/current obsessions : Kingdom Hearts
4. The last time you won (at) something : lol ive never won anything
5. A cause you support : teaching our children to speak English properly at an early age
6. Any goal(s) you have : To surpass myself from a year ago
7. Three things you can cook/make/bake : Spaghetti, 3 layer cake, cereal
8. Something you’re looking forward to : CHRISTMAS
9. Three things you need to improve on : Anatomy, being less procrastinated, my attitude
10. Five things you’re already great at : LOL nothing  drawing hands?? IDK/////////////
11. A quote you like : The best and most beautiful things  in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the  heart. -Helen Keller


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I envy your skills and lover your style <3

Thank you!